LEVT® cycling bib

At LEVT CYCLING, we understand that the perfect cycling bib is more than just a piece of clothing - it's an essential tool for optimal performance and comfort. That's why we've designed our LEVT 532 bib shorts with the utmost care, focusing on the most crucial component: the chamois. Our double-layered, high-density chamois is crafted to provide unparalleled support and protection for your most sensitive areas, whether you're tackling long endurance rides or pushing yourself to new limits in competitive racing. With our innovative design, you can focus on what matters most - the ride.

LEVT joined forces with Alessandro to develop the path for the LEVT bib shorts. This Italian from Treviso is the embodiment of passion for a product. In the past, he created masterpieces for Castelli (kiss pad), Craft, and Endura. Thanks to his constant dedication, we are extremely proud of our top product.

Every cyclist knows the value of a good pair of cycling shorts. Whether it's during long training rides, intense race kilometers, or relaxed Sunday morning rides, all our cycling shorts are suitable for long and short saddle time. The main differences come from the level of muscle compression, fabric (woven fabric or Lycra), and construction.

The LEVT 532 is our top choice in our collection of cycling shorts. The 4-way stretch Lycra is ideal for cyclists who want less muscle compression but still seek optimal movement freedom and comfort. This cycling short is also particularly suitable for long days in the saddle (8 to 10 hours), thanks to the LEVT 532 path. Specifically designed for professional cyclists and athletes who train year-round.

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