LEVT® Based on a theory

The essence of LEVT® is rooted in the "Go Levt" theory, which encourages simplicity and authenticity. When everyone goes right, try going left. You'll discover new experiences, embark on new adventures, make new friends, and perhaps even find a new version of yourself.

Keep it simple: Go Levt.

It’s not about being different for the sake of it, but about staying close to your own dreams, values and interests. Life is so unpredictable. Tomorrow could be too late to seize your dreams and desires. Life can be tough, we all have stories of people close to our hearts that lost the fight. Stay in front of that moment.

LEVT® is not just another empty brand as you can see. We started it with a mission and vision. In our designs, the 'Go Levt' theory is reflected with prominent logos and a different left sleeve colour. You might have noticed we intentionally misspelled "Levt" — a metaphor for embracing mistakes as part of growth.

Reversing the logo reveals the number 37: three symbolizes the toughness and shit happening in life you have to deal with, seven represents the balance we seek. Together, they make 10, the fleeting moments of ultimate happiness.